Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My checklists

WhenI was holding the office of assistant  head teacher or head teacher I always tell myself.Lucky me.

Even though people would run  kms away,I stay put.

I was lucky to be posted to the most feared school in Perlis aka SK Titi Tok Bandar not for the staff but for it geography.

To reach TTB,the road accessible is the bund road where my staff had seen the misfortune to be bathed in the river.

There were instances when sometimes Heads of school would decline going for functions and activities in the school.Officials from state dept would think twice to reach the school.

Being a SKM school,I was given only a clerk and sometimes the clerk went missing for months.Many were afraid to fill the post because of the road and because of its secluded interior.

Here I learn to be a better driver. I managed to conquer my fright of driving over a one way road perched high up on the embankment with a river and a large irrigation canal by the side.

I managed to learn the bukuapa tu ( ala yang masuk semua entry tentang RM RM) dengan berguru kerani sekolah lain.

Ala buat account sekolah.

I managed to organise the system for checking : my checklists.

Starting from SK Kayang when my checklist system was for task giving and relieve periods it developed into :

  • support staff input of work for the day ( styled from PLUS cleaners checklist in the washroom).We know when the toilet is washed with detergent or when the longkang is scrubbed.
  • list of inventory.Ask me which /when/where about  the harta sekolah.The number of tvs,computers,cds ,baikpulih .Its at the pull of the filing cabinet.
  • How many hours a certain teacher received that OMG mai pulak dah relieve slip.Senang back up bila kena amok dgn staff.
  • Checklist for the audits. So audit will not phone the school for this and that.Semua yang depa minta sure ada. Without fail.
  • What the school had bought.So staff tak boleh over order.Gb tau benda tu dah ada or tidak.
  • Prestasi guru and staff. Every marks given are recorded.Even the comment.So at the spread of a page you can see the marks are given at hoc or carefully thought. We could also see the progress of a teacher./staff year after year.

kalau ada orang mai serang tak puas hati.Tunjuk kat mana dia Ok kat mana dia tak ok. I did this to one unsatisfied staff.Lepas tu dah tak complain lagi.

  • MC/cuti. We know certain dates that a staff when MIA. My question…. dah habis kutip hutang ka?


Remembered the day when one irritated parent with Mr.Jayaram came over to my class to complain about his boy.I showed the checklist of my students performance.Ha baru dia tahu anak dia macam mana.

      The stern Mr.J  just smiled.


        And I could only geleng kepala bila ada staff dapat kerja berlambak lambak  dan ada staff tak siapa pun orang mahu bagi.Mana adil kan ? Buat la checklist!



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