Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kesian kat dia

Today when I picked up utusan all the pages carried news about Pilihanraya Kecil Kawasan Ulu Selangor .  The 25 th of April Mr.Kamalanathan  from BN would be pitted  against Zaid Ibrahim from PR. We knew the results of this prk last night.

Out of the many articles one particularly stood out. The one about the Life in the Felda Scheme ,especially during the early years. Written by a former Felda staff .

He  had the experience of seeing the arrogance of the settlers when their crops were in high demand.And they had money in their pocket.

Cik gu kami tak heran la. Recalled a teacher.

Cikgu bapa kami lebih kaya.Kami ada 10 ekar tanah.Cikgu ada? Wrote one teacher in her blog.

True enough.When shopping at the nearest town of Tanjong Malim,the shop owners would entertain the felda settlers before even looking at you.

Sbb depa ni tak tawaq dah.Semua ambik

Kalau cikgu,ambiq letak,ambiq letak .Beli belum tentu.

Ya la masa tu gaji cikgu sijil maktab baru 230 ringgit Malaysia.Or was  it less than that?

So when a teacher friend went to ask for the hand of anak peroka ,depa bo layan.

Kesian kat dia.

Tapi itu dulu.

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