Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just another figure


At 12.00  a.m ,the last digit of the years that I see light changed.

I added another year to my age.

My wish list:

Nothing personal. Only good health physically and mentally .May my  iman be strong.To withstand the trials and tribulations.

I hope my family would see better days.My children have success in their  own life ,love and career.And pakli of better health and finance.And my mum be fine.

Wishing too that my close relatives be endowed with  rahmat

And that Mok ,Jade and Dell be healthy and playful.

Love all.Amin.


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Hope I am this lotus,giving peace and calm to the weary travellers.Tenang diatas tasik yang belum tentu menenangkan.


  1. Mama!!Happy Birthday! semalam sini dah jam 2,aten dah tertido suda.Love u Ma! Jaga kesihatan na,xmau makan kacang sangat.haha.Muahh! rindu nak tidoq sekali. :P

  2. Thanks aten.Luv u 2. My kesihatan so so,kalau kacang tu, pakli la dok tolon beli.Me too rindu nak chatting cerita dulu dulu dgn aten sampai tertidor. Anyway ,bln 12 kita sambung cerita. Ok,Bye.