Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jangan sebut

This is another draft that was pekasaming in my possession.I clicked publish and here it is:

I was some sort of mengomel to Dell.

Dell dok minum susu Jade nanti adik mati tak minum.

Issssh ,mati sungguh baru tau. Jangan cakap mati.

La macam tu pula.


It has been number of times when I was reprimanded for saying the obvious.

Bawa la baik baik. Referring to driving along a certain stretch of road. Satlagi ada polis baru tau. I told the driver.I had noticed earlier the oncoming car giving the light.

Ala you ni. Diamlah.

Ha ambik kau .Awat tak ala ala latok. Just around the corner we were flagged down by the traffic police.

But once I passed by some children playing with stones by the roadside. In my mind I heard myself saying. Eh,satlagi budak ni bagi cermin kereta orang pecah .Naya.

We passed them a few kms when a lorry took over us.

Panggggg. The windshield was cracked. Rrrh.Telepathy  ke apa?

There were numerous anecdotes  that happened that made me careful with words and thoughts.

I was very angry at a person for bubuh pasir dalam our periuk that I said. Tak pa hari ni dia buat kat kita.Esok lusa anak bini dia pula nangis.

I soon heard the family moaned louder than me.

People  crossed and made me look stupid in front of

others numbers of times.

La kak boleh tak marah.Kalau saya, mati saya kerja .Said one soft spoken lady to me after a rundown in the meeting room.

Biaq pi la Tuhan ada.I said.Harini hari dia.

True enough.The person was worst humiliated.In front of others, she was made to look more stupid.The timbalan gave her the worst comment:

Tak layak jadi GB

Another who told me off for being cikgu pun tak tau mengajar in front of other teachers got hers in front of the PIBG meeting! Siap bawa ensaiklopedia lagi .

Ha baru dah tak cari kelemahan /kesalahan orang nak highlight.

Mak ni semua tak pa.Semua biaq pi. My child snorted when I advised her to be cool. Nanti orang pijak kepala.

Lagi tak sakit,biaq pi la. Tuhan ada.

Ni semua emulate tok  ton la.For my mum sabaq is her first word!

And anak paling sabaq is me. Ye ke ? Ewah.

Sabaaaaaaaaaaaaaq memanjang.Tapi she roars like a lion when her sabaq has been tested way toooooo  far. Cantik kan.

So anak anak bila kena pukulan perasaan ,dont ever feel that it is the end of the world. As the world is round,what comes round comes around.

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