Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Jade ber …….lagi

Tidur ku terganggu oleh jeritan auuuuuuuuuuuuuuh di tengah malam yang panas ini.

These past nights the air had been acrid.So once again we dragged the toto to the living room and had 3 fans whirring.The cats too seemed to suffer from this intense heat. They had been spending their days curling on the floor of the wet bathroom. Cooling off.

I soon felt my leg being bitten.Well Dell had the idea of having our attention by this mean.Or he could be twitching my stomach or my hair.This means he is up to something or he wants to tell something . Could he mean:

Ooi pak cik mak cik bangun.

Mama jade sakit guling guling tuuu.

I could now see that it was Jade the source of that ear piercing cries. Jade was in labour!

Rubbing my sleepy eyes I went to check out. Dale followed .Jade was on the chair with a look that only mothers could fathom.

I grabbed a few rags and paper.I laid them out on the floor at the corner of the room.Having done so I beckoned to Jade.

Jade mai sini.

As if understanding my gesture,Jade ran to the room and laid herself on the paper.

I let her be on her own. Closing the door I heard the sounds of paper being scratched and torn .

It was 4.00 a.m.

When Pakli went to look after subuh Jade had 2 dark grey offspring.

Anak Mok La tu

Dell jangan dah minum susu. Dah ada adik tau.I heard pakli telling Dell.

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  1. jade nih memang kilang anak kucing la..asyik beranak ja kerjaa dia.sian gak kat jade tuh.konfem anak mok