Thursday, April 22, 2010

hutang kena bayar


I was on my way to the canteen during recess. Children were busy talking,running and munching in the canteen when I noticed one lonely figure.

Hai kenapa dok kat sini. Makan dak lagi. I asked.

The lonely boy burst into tears.

Saya tak dak duit.

Pasai apa ?

Abah jual kat pasar malam.Kalau hujan tak laku. Hari ni abah tak dak duit.Makan nasi pun dgn tok yu  aja.

I gave the boy a ringgit and asked him to buy food at the canteen.

A few minutes later he came back to me returning the balance.  The next morning the same boy knocked on my office door.

Cikgu ni duit saya pinjam semalam.

The year one pupil handed me 80 sen that he used to buy food.

Tak payah la cikgu sedekah

Tapi abah cakap hutang kena bayar.

That episode brought to me memories of yesteryears. I  too was often than not gone hungry during my school days.

But no teachers ever noticed my plight. And I was one that tak mahu meminta minta. I had a skirt that had turned discoloured on the outside. But the inside was still ok. So I did what no other girl my age would do now. Never. I turned it inside out! I sew it myself.

And when I went on stage to receive my prize from the VIP,my shoes were torn but the skirt look new.He he.

Ah sedih sungguh ingat masa dulu. But I learned my lesson. I learned frugality,empathy  and independent .

Minta minta tu I wont burden others during my old age. As I had been always a giver not a taker.

And I remembered still posting money orders to my mum although my heart was broken to pieces by my dad.Thats another piece of my life story.

And that boy yang bayar hutang kat cikgu dia apa kabar sekarang.

The year was 2003.Hope he is doing all right.


  1. this actually brought tears to my eyes!

  2. Yes its a true story in Kayang. There were other episodes of students going hungry . Pinjam duit cikgu beli beras.Kesian kan.