Friday, April 30, 2010

Hanya kerana balik kampung


Aleeza Kassim. Who doesnt know her. The voluptuous sex siren of the Malay modelling and movie world.

Today ,among the news she made it to the front page of berita harian.

Aleeza,suami bertengkar isu balik kampung.

And that led to their divorce.

Mudah kan nak bercerai berai.

Isu botol kicap pun orang boleh bercerai.Itu makcik pernah dengar.

Coming back to the balik kampung issue. I dont know whether its right or wrong.

I’ve been married 30+ years. That means I had 30 + raya balik kampung. Had I made balik kampung an issue ,dah berapa kali agaknya I berperang .

Our schedule without fail :

Morning of eid : Sembahyang raya

                                  Visit in laws

                                 rush to SP/Kulim/Lunas (where my parents were)

                                 rush back to Kangar.

So I missed the gathering of the clan, preparing the food and early morning minta ampun with my own parents.

But did I complain? Nak buat macam mana.Its circumstances.Tho sometimes patah hati remuk redam hati didalam.Aduhai.

image google – pudu raya exodus


  1. tapi mom, we know the EXACT reason we hardly go back to kulim on the first day raya.ahahha.


  2. Lady dear
    the mum is always near your heart however ada jerangkung dalam almari ke dak.( ketawa perli)
    As you are dear to me walau I am sepuluh kali scaaaaarrrrrry.Got it?