Tuesday, April 6, 2010




Awat la nak pi menikah awai awai sangat.

Baru 15 tahun nak.


I was perplexed at the case of Halimaton,the girl who is supposed to sit for her PMR.

Being clever as her  teacher has attested,she should continue studying .

In my recollection at that age,I was the one yang amat malu.Terlampau malu especially with boys.Even if there were girls my age pairing or coupling,I was one girl out.

I think all these were the result of my strict mother. I was already out of college when my aunt asked why I didnt reply to someone’s letters. Only that I know mother had confiscated them.

Tok ton,ni sampai anak dah master pun masih control lagi.IT happened to my sister and we the elder sisters intervened. Saying that it is high time she had a life,.

I asked mum why she was strict in this matter.

Her answer was simple:

Hampa nak susah masa depan ka. Nak toreh getah? Nak jaga lembu?

Well that is the answer when my girl asked me the same question.

image kalau lembu berlembu lembu tentu kaya kan

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