Monday, April 5, 2010

follow the stars


A call from Sydney:

Caller: mok pa kabar

Me  : tu dok terbongkang tepi dinding

Caller : Dell  ?

me: entahlah.anak bujang tu dah satu hari tak nampak rupa.pi ngorat kot.

Its right. I have not seen Dell today since he bolted out of the open window.

Dell seems all to ready to be a romeo. He’d be gone for half a day and only materializing when he’s hungry. But its when the sun is down.

Well Dell is still not home at 6.00

My motherly instinct goes to my brood who are far away from home.They might be everywhere under the sun but they are near my heart.

The time when I was a teenager might be a testing time for my own mum. The result of the SC/MCE result was not even out when I applied for courses in England and Australia.

I did get a place at a hospital in Praed Street ,London,W2.The yellowed paper from the sponsor is still in my folder although it is nearly 40 years old.

As for Australia ,it was a technical glitch.

The travel itch  is still with me even when I got married. Separated from my two little kids,I went  to see the Scottish land when I was chosen for a course in Moray House ,Edinburgh.

Well what can I say if my children would follow my footstep.This is what I can say.

Go follow your dreams,my love.

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