Friday, April 16, 2010

Fmm - the art of accepting

from my mind

Do you know that accepting gifts needs the art in itself.

Accepting gifts? An art?

Times and again we receive gifts,wishes and the like. With the usual kow tow and thank you,terima kasih ,namaste,syukran there are other body languages that should go with it.

I had given gifts and observe the styles of acceptance.Some were heart warming ,while others heart wrenching.

I recall a time when I had gone all the way to buy a buah tangan that cost a few couple of dollars. Red ones pulak tu.

The moment I handed over the gifts , the penerima boleh dok kata

La bawa buat apa.

Tu kami dah ada banyak dah!

I felt like taking away the present and be mindful of getting others in the future.

I had too taken the trouble to hunt for presents and squeezed them in my already squeezed luggage.I handed them to two different individuals.Well,the reciprocal was as vast as the sky.One took the pride to wear to functions but the other made it into a plaything for the kids.See? The same piece of articles were appreciated differently.

So, can you guess who will be the one to receive anything from me the next time I go vacationing!

Ingat lagi pesan tok ton

Hargai pemberian orang walau kita boleh beli sendiri.Ingatan tu yang lebih berharga.

My mum although some of the kurung materials  given to her were not to her liking she made it a point to wear them anyhow.She would not pass them to others as she would not want the giver to feel unappreciated. Jadi pakailah dia baju purple walau warna tu dia paling tak suka. .Walau dia tak suka bunga besar. Jaga hati orang katanya


Tok Ton you are one wise person.


Pandai pandai lah puji puji.

Lagi suka orang nak bagi

tapi kalau suka dok keji keji

Alamat pendeklah rezeki.


From the minds of a retired school teacher.


image 27 hb  dah dekat ni.


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