Friday, April 2, 2010

Finding Bibik

Its been quite a while when I want  to write about our ronggeng with the maids.

Maids as in helpers before the advent of the bibiks .

My first helper was a matured lady who stayed in to look after the kids.Before Agensi  Pembantu Rumah @ bibik came into being finding bibiks is resourcing in the far ends of the village.

She’s helpful , easy to get along but stayed for a short while only.She started to cough heavily. It was then it was revealed that her father had contracted tb and she’s also suspected of having one.

So there goes one good pembantu rumah.

The next one was the one who couldnt know even how to cook rice and no sense of cleanliness. The tribute to this attitude was by no way other than her own home. Sawang bergayut merata rata sampai nak jatuh dalam belanga  pun ada.

One is good with her work but also with her fingers. I kept missing my small items . Today is a ring and the next day were the children’s syillings.Ada toyol ke? Well,we sent her back home.

Green eyed ? mana tak, When there were helpers who were too eager to please the master than the maam.

Eh,abang,abang,semua abanggggggggg.Kakak dok depan pun tak nak tanya. Its not abang but abe.He he.What a laugh.

Our ronggeng with the maids@ helpers could fill in the script for a mini series.

Tapi yang tak boleh lupa ……..rumah dalam bendang,silap haribulan tak tahu jalan pulang.Seram!

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