Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Down memory lane –the posting


Looking at my collections of photos in school brought me to the early years of my teaching career.

Graduating (he he graduated ke ) or keluar saja dari maktab yang tak serupa maktab tu I waited gingerly for the posto,Dulu mana ada online off line ni.

Taaaa, one fine day ,the bell of mr. posto was heard ringing. I got mail! The tread mark was Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia ,Kuala Lumpur.

With trembling hands I opened the official looking letter. And I soon knew my fate.

Tuan ditempatkan di :

Sekolah Kebangsaan Gedangsa,Tanjung Malim,Ulu Selangor.

Gedang what? I searched the map (dulu mana ada wikipedia ke bing ke GPRS ke.) Ulu Selangor. Wei Selangor ada tempat ulu ke?

So that fateful day saw me,mum and ba boarding the train to Tanjung Malim. Geli hati la bila ingat siap bawa bungkus tempat tidor and that heavy wrought iron.

On the way to the school we passed by villages, forests,and orang asli houses. The meandering road eventually lead us to a felda settlement. Felda Gedangsa, Ulu Bernam,Ulu Selangor. Hai semua ulu.

I spent nearly two years over here.Doing silly things and learning to being cleverer. Here I learn the meaning of life . The hurt of losing someone for the love of someone.

Are the hills still green? Are the people still speaking that kind of lingo.

Mahmudah,Aishah,Samani,Noraini  were some of my first year students in SK Gedangsa. Dah bercucu ke depa.

Pak Cik yang jual mee masih ada lagi ka? Hope one fine day ,I will find my way there. Before I close my eyes.

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