Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DML –halimah jongang

DML ……Down Memory Lane.


There was one whose name was not Halimah. But she was jongang all the same.

She was made to be ridiculed. From infancy till her tadika days.From school to her working days. From single to her married life.Being unlucky to be endowed by toothy grins,she seldom smile.

Halimah not her name being jongang felt small . She didnt have any self confident. She walks with her eyes down. She talks with her eyes down.Her legs shivered in the presence of guys.Her lips numbed in the presence of others.

Fast forward.

I was pleasantly surprised when the last I saw her. She had a loving family. Her children were all successful.She had a spectacular working life.

And those who sang the song of Halimah Jongang what happened to them?

Their life aint as rosy as Halimah’s.

But Halimah which is not her name is grinning from ears to ears.Well she had gone to see the world.She had this and she had that. But best of all she has

image a nice wide smile.Thanks to orthodontics.

So beware siapa yang teruja sangat dok buat lagu ke film ke kok anda sendiri boleh jadi macam ini

image bila otak dah jadi sewel.

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