Friday, April 9, 2010

The day I learned DOS


The school needed sprucing up. The panel decided to put banners.I mean kata kata hikmat .So we collectively garnered enough proverbs and quotations .The task of printing was passed to the only teacher with the knowledge of computer .Mr.Mansor.

It was then that the printed banners went MIA. And Mr. Mansor wanted nothing to do with the panel anymore.

The English panel of SRJK Stella Maris was left in quandary.

So with boleh tak boleh questions I approached dear sir to teach me how to operate the computer.PC yang besar kedebak tu.

Well this is the 80’s or early 90’s.It wasnt one push button for starting the computer or managing it.

I learned how to boot,the passwords and how to operate the only computer in the only school in Perlis.Hebat kan!

Those floppy discs that had to be inserted and those formulae that had to be memorised.What control C can do.What typing a certain magic word would work.Thats DOS.

My keeness in learning other tricks caught the attention of my head.One Fearful Mr.Jaya.He was one head feared by most teachers.Sapa yang tak kenal Jayaramkan.But I found him all right tho.

It was at one meeting when mr.Jaya complimented me on my prowess and later someone reported seeing hands mencuit peha kawan kawan lain .Jaki la tu.

But I told the reporter:

To make yourself be visible take the path least travelled in the workplace.

and avoid self betrayal at work.

Hmmm hard to digest.Ya ka?

And I still remembered I was given the honour of controlling the Air con of my Sultan Badlishah school Library 40 years back.

Air con yang sebesaq kilang grade C.With macam macam control nak kena hit and it was the only air con in the only school at that time.

Ha berani challenge?

But today I am far far left behind in these high tech.Cukup cukup makan saja.Syukran .For I have to cari the one that is the ultimate.

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