Friday, April 30, 2010

The botoi kicap divorce


I call it so because one of the reason for theirs stemmed up over an argument over the botol kicap aka tok you aka soy sauce.

I dont know the reason why god placed me among toxic people. A few number of times.

This young couple newly married came home after their honeymoon. Among the things brought back were a bundle of kicap.

The bride took a few bottles and put them aside when the father in law noticed them

Ni nak bagi sapa ni? He roared.

Cik nak bagi kat bapa .Meaning her own father.

Awat depa tak dak kicap ka? Came the retort.

I could watch the tears building in the bride’s eyes as she put back the botol kicap.

And before this I was an eye for a sad episode :

The bridegroom was scooping some food for the bride when there came this comment:

Awat dia tak dak tangan ka?

Lucky me for not giving me a toxic father in law. I love you pak Saad.

And I hope I wont be one toxic mother in law.

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