Wednesday, April 28, 2010


On this date I was already a day out of my working life. Amidst the mounts of presents ,I steadied myself to receive visitors that no mothers would want in their home.Yesterday was my send off  from my school and I had shed tears with my staff,teachers and most of all the pupils.Yes,it was hard to be torn from them after only 2 years. We had made a bond. Even though sometimes there were rough moments between me and them,the final parting was too hard to endure.

2 years down the road I still had fond memories of my assistants ,clerical staff ,teachers and my dear little children numbering nearly a thousand.I miss their selamat sejahtera puan. Selamat pagi cikgu.Good afternoon teacher.

Today I  passed by the school three times on my way to town for some business. The school looks impressive.With new structures  and added amenities.Once you had bonded ,you would always remember the time when you were there.And once in a while you would like to know how they are faring.

As for the visitors on 26.4.2008 ,I too had bonded with them because of the circumstances.And because of circumstances we were apart and made to feel uneasy. I hope this passé  would be over so that we could proceed with our lives. I know God had given them the best part of their lives and we have no complain about that.Who knows that they might be tested tomorrow?Worse than what we had gone through.

Even though from that day until today my tears are never dry.I dont have any idea when the day will come.When I dont have to wipe my tears for my children.

Was it my mistake or God had  chosen me as a mother for tested children? Because He knows I am strong and can withstand all the tests. Come what may.

I had just this plea to make:

Please God may you mend my heart and my tested children.

Ya Allah ku mohon perlindungan buat anak anak ku dari ujian yang mendatang.Selamatkanlah mereka.Amin.

From the heart of a mother.

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