Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the weather weathers

It was 5 in the wee our of the morning when I felt somebody nudging me. The it got over my back and in the dimly lit room I sprang to my feet.

Well ,it was the half blind Jade!

I tried again to have my sleep but once again Jade was persuasive. She climbed next to me and put its wet face near my face.

Shooing it away was to no avail. Grudgingly ,I climbed down the bed with Jade in tow. Making my way to the kitchen I noticed that the container for the cat to drink had run dry. Filling the pan with water I told Jade

Jade nak ayak ka.Minum la.

I watched Jade taking her sips a full 3 minutes. After satisfying her thirst she retired in the corner of the room bothering me no more.

Jade ,Jade.

The weather lately is getting too hot to handle. And its getting on everybody’s nerve. Temper seems to flare all to readily. Sbb tu kut mamat mat teksi jadi seganas tu and one innocent victim succumbed to his outrages fit. Poor Shafia.

Well we too met with our test of kesabaran when we were in Penang. All for the not functioning hp. It was as if we were in a wild goose chase and topping it up with the rush hour Penang traffic jam.All madness could go berserk.

Luckily I was not easily apprehensive as I was in my younger days where tete for tete was the order of the day.Calming my other half and saying lots of doa was how the stuffy situation was diffused.

Guided by my intuition my ever ready angry spouse relented when I suggested all in all we proceed to Bayan Lepas and met with our dear beloved son.

Kan sabar tu banyak faedahnya. Apa yang penting ? Sabar saja.

But the sight of one loved one having tears running down the cheek was too much to sabar. Rasa nak lempang pun ada. Sabar.Sabar.

image kok boleh hilang dahaganya.

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