Wednesday, March 3, 2010

tips from tok ton


My mother is an old frail little lady.You could squeeze her through a rubber ring easily. Thats how thin she is.

She must be in her eighties or late seventies. Where most women her age would be full of agony and sickness ,she is as fit as a fiddle.

And an intelligent lady she is tho she got no formal education.I noticed that she learned reading thru hearing her children doing their homework. She could sew and her sewing was so meticulous that you would mistake it for machine stitching. She needs only to observe how the crocheting was and lo and behold the reproduction was done! So was how the hantaran and the pelamin.

Yes, I was really intrigued by her.

Where cooking was concerned, my pak li was bowled over by her pulut wajik.And I still remembered her baulu and kuih bangkit where all were uniformedly browned even tho cooked over tempurung and sabut kelapa.


There are tips that I learned from her regarding cooking.

@ to make the kuih / cucuq lembut until a few hours

@ to make the chili kering paste smooth and of consistency

@To make that finger licking fish curry

@ to make that wajik menawan kalbu.

@ to make that annual to die for mee kuah

@ to make the bihun goreng kegemaran wen


Housekeeping? Her home was spotless!

And most of all ,I learn from her the meaning of sabaqqqqqq

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