Wednesday, March 3, 2010

poor little kerak


Kerak. That was the name given to Jade’s surviving son.But he’s surviving no more.

Poor little Kerak was gone forever today. I found him huddled in the drain. The hot spell had caused the cats to fall ill. And Kerak was no exception.Poor soul.

Over Discovery channel I came across Half man Half tree. And Kerak got its name because of the warts on its ears which kak Aten did try to heal by taking him to the vet and applying minyak gamat.

I was moved when Dell licked the ailing Kerak. Dell who jumped to his feet when kerak did ever went near him. Was it a sign of brotherhood?

Kerak will be long remembered for his determination.He could be doing the same routine 7 to 8 times without giving up. Who could forget the tenacity of purpose that he showed when he demanded a place in the house?

Kerak  @ Chaq may you rest in peace.

1 comment:

  1. dear Kerak.
    You will always be remembered and I love you.
    Im sorry if i wasn't a good master of yours.