Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My bundle of joy

30 March.

On this date I received my bundle of joy. Dark ,scrawny haired I   welcomed her unconditionally. Relatives and friends were a buzzed when they came visiting.

La anak perempuan lagi

Awat hitam sangat ni.

Lain sangat .Ish Ish

Never mind. Even she’s dark as the soot,she’s mine.Thats my retort.

Seeing her growing up was a double joy. She didnt crave for much attention except for that occasional mama nak rambut or mama jampilah.

Putting her to sleep was letting my hair be twisted around her little finger. The accidental bumps could be soothed by my pooohed. So funny.

She’s one baby that found her way into people’s heart not by her look but by her wits. Could never forget that girl who lead the other children for the afternoon game in the neighbourhood or teaching them dancing steps in my living room. Every evening the sound of kak aten, kak aten would be heard .

She’s a leader.Right from the start.

Today,I hope she’s doing well in the land of the kangaroo.

Dear Aten,

I missed all the attention that you doled on us. That  mug of nescafe , cucur kodok  , keropok goreng  thrust into us when watching tv.You were always asking us >mak ,abah nak minum apa?

I think abah,abang ,kakaks , mok,jade and dell too are missing you.

Today you will turn a year wiser. And I would like to wish you  happy birthday darling.My little duckling had become a swan.May Allah guide you in all your journey into life. Amin.image Happy bday kak aten


  1. Mamiii~ hee.thank u Ma for the words u poured here.Lucky you,anak mama x hitam meletit macam dulu.hahaha! Love you,am looking forward to seeing you in Malaysia.Corelle semua siap sedia na? Love you to bits.Thank u for the doa. Tak putus2 doa kan kami semua. You're the best Mum ever!

  2. Couldnt wait till end of the year. At this stage.what else can a mommy do ?Except doa anak2 berada dlm landasan yang baik.Love you faten .