Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jalan jalan pi penen

Been busy these couple of days. And the malasmood has caught up with me.

Anyway,here’s the few things thats  worth jotting down.

Last Saturday saw the two of us leaving Perlis to the land of jeruk pala.

Putting up at Hotel Seri Malaysia for the night,having dinner with paen at Gurney Drive was the usual event in Penang.

I had this to say for Gurney Drive Food court. Pening kepala la. Awat tak nya. The moment you sat down you would be swarmed by an army of hungry for order boys.

Meegorengmeeudangpasemburlaksapenanglacheekangais nesacafeaisrojaknasigorengnasipattaya……stop stop STOP!!!

Bingit tau.

Last last atas meja terhidang

2 plates of cuttlefish …..dried and wet   @     RM 16.00

1 bowl of bolehtahan laksa penang            @   RM   3.00

1 plate of mee goreng entahapapa             @    RM  8.00

  1 plate of pasembuq so so                            @    Rm 12.o0

  drinks                                                                     @   Rm 8.00

takeway nasi goreng                                         @   RM 7.00

So for dinner utk 3 orang melayang hampir RM 60.00

Its not that I am complaining but the vulture style of taking orders is sure not so much welcomed by most patrons.

I heard this makcik when passing by on our way out

Apa depa hantaq ni. Tu la mai dok tanya ramai ramai sampai mami naik mamai.

Checking out of SM hotel the next day we headed for Chowrasta.Ingat tu nak round balik pulau tapi Xed at the last moment. At the 2nd bookshop dealers I got me a few copies of books. Without my specs I could only blurrily make out the books I chose. Costing RM80.00 in all, I got these titles to add to my stock.

Fish Omnibus

How to deal with emotionally explosive people

Sulaman klasik

Window treatment

Sewing in colours.

Soon I found out that the 2nd title was scribbled all over and a few pages soiled.

Lunch seemed round the corner and pak li was eyeing Line Clear nasi Kandar which was just across the road but I had other idea.

So off we went to the ferry to cross over the mainland.At the ferry we were directed to the 2 tiers vehicle only ferry. Waiting for the ferry pak li and me buried ourselves in the weekly paper.

POOOOrrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnn came the loud horn.

All the vehicles in front of us were there no more. And the horning came from the angry driver behind us.

Ambik kau!!

Kelamkabut lah pak li cari gear with the same :

Tu la mak hang tak mau tengok.

Exiting at Prai we headed for the R&R only to find that it was self service. A notice on the wall tell us so .Oh ,sebab tu la nampak semua orang buka tapawe sendiri. Melepaslah lagi.

Missing lunch and a long journey to go. What plan do we have? Why not stop at Sungai Dua?It was Sunday and seeing chairs on the tables was not a good sign.

Lastly we took our chance at Ikan Bawal Goreng panas panas restaurant. Waiting another half an hour for our food was quite exasperating. Rasa rasa dah nak angkat kaki. Tetapi kemana mau pergi. Tapi mujur tak pergi kerana ikan bawal goreng memang menjilat jari. Rasa esok nak pergi lagi.

Reaching home we were two tired and worn out old pair. I took a short nap and meanwhile Dell had read my Fish Omnibus!

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  1. seems like u guys are having the date out

  2. Was Dell actually read the book or ripping off the pages?haha.Macam best ja mama n ba.Miss you.

  3. he yeay,got a blast of a time in seri malaysia watching konsert mingguan af.( pun intended)
    Dell style of reading tentulah cara dia kan.Apalagi 2 or 3 pages gone.maybe he's more interested in the title.