Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jade and Dell


It was stuffy and humid at night.Sleeping in the bedroom had been changed to sleeping in the living room where once it was our master bedroom.

So every night through the duration of this draught I dragged the toto and spread it on the tile floor.

It was this humid night that I woke up feeling something heavy on my back.

Laa > Jade dah buat panggung atas my belakang .

Dan tambah lagi dengan Dell sekali yang menyonyot susu.

I tell you Jade was given a free range of our bed when she was a baby and would sleep on our body. Ya la anak yatim la kata kan.

Tapi dua ekoq kucing besaq punya dok buat belakang ai jadi pentas ,Mana boleh!

Dua dua ekoq kena peghaambat pi tidoq di luaq.

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