Monday, March 15, 2010

Its too late

Mengaku bersalah hanya berapa kerat orang saja yang melakukannya.

Hey mana ada orang sekerat.Jadi tidak adalah orang yang mahu mengaku bersalah …….Ujang -  Aku Budak Minang.


Being the winner is not to find fault with the loser.Nor the jury.

Its normal for the loser to find fault with the winner but its sheer crazy the other way round…….the art of winning.

This entry has been dangling in a safe corner way way back. And I found it appropriate to bring it up.

And I too have a confession to make.

I have been wronged.And I have wronged.

But to right a wrong child is not  wrong .Jadi ibu ibu, jadilah ibu ibu yang tak takut untuk menyatakan yang salah itu tetap salah.It sadden me to read,to see mothers the like of Azean and CD’s mother  and thousands of other mothers proclaiming:

Anak saya tak bersalah.

My child could do no wrong.

Sayang semuanya sudah terlambat.

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