Thursday, March 4, 2010

It soft my heart – the checklist


Meeting my former assistant teacher the other day at the wedding was heart warming.

Mr. R was my senior asistant at the first school I was posted as the head teacher. Although he was done with his degree and into his master he was still the teacher that I had worked with.Warm and affable.

In all his eagerness he told me the hardship that he had to face being in charge of the biggest school in the state.With a staff of nearly a hundred it was a vast different from the former school of TTB where we once worked together.

But what touched me most  was when he proclaimed:

Cikgu , saya guna cara cikgu ajar saya dulu.

Oh my borang and method of dishing out jadual guru ganti .My checklist of giving assignments to my underlines.

Terimakasih cikgu atas penghargaan itu.It made my day.

image hari tu hatiku berbunga bunga bagai teratai ditasik. Nyaman dan menyejukkan. Lebih2 lagi dalam panas membahang ini.

That day my heart was like the lotus in the pond. Cool and refreshing in this scorching heat.

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