Thursday, March 4, 2010

is it 37 or 40


hai ni bukan nombor ramalan .Bukan juga ukuran pinggang .

Teka la apa tu.

Pandai pun.

Last night the temperature was higher than before.It doesnt need a thermometer to tell you. Sleeping in the bedroom is like living in a furnace. You would wake up in the middle of your sleep with sweats all over you. The fans do you no good.

So off we dragged the comforter into the living room. Me and pak li left the once comfortable  bed for the hard stone floor.Switching on three (#3) fans still dont help much.

Lastly I turned myself to the naked terrazo floor for comfort and Dell found refuge on the bathroom floor.

Hai bila la nak pebaik air con tu.Dok jadi perhiasan saja.Jual keling botol lagi baguih.

image awat hangat sangat ni.

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