Thursday, March 4, 2010

hi teacher

It was sending time at the bus station. Going to the Kangar express bus station was on the timetable come public holidays. Its either sending one off to Kuantan or another to Kuala Lumpur.

By the way we sent one home at LCCT for Brisbane a week or two before.

Well the bus drivers and the ticket sellers must be sick and tired of seeing a somewhat odd couple hugging their children before boarding the bus. And it happens all too often.

Hi teacher . Do you still know me.?

A plump young turbaned Sikh hollered to me on top of the din at the station.

As usual I was at ends trying to figure out. For sure it must be one of the Stellans. Mentioning a few names so I could be brought to the days of my teaching them.As usual this is one hard work for a person like me.

His family was next introduced to me which included his newly wedded India mari bride.

Only when I returned home that it strike a chord with me. The young man was that sweet smiling little Singh who like to address Hi teacher! Back in Stella.A sweet boy he was.

But as usual I forgot his name.

Could there be a remedy for my forgetfulness? Ahhhhhhh.

image hard time thinking

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