Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gali lagi


Here we go again. KMC here we are.

MIL was in for a stone removal procedure tomorrow morning and registered under the care of Dr. Murali.

Ushered into the 509 twin bedded room and a projected cost of Rm 10k the air  wasnt sombre.

As usual there were  taunts and teases.

Mak ni kaya. Dah dua tiga kali dah dok gali referring to the procedures that she would undergo the next morning.

Dulu gali bijih.

Kali ni nak lombong mas pulak chipped in pak li.

Well my MIL and her packs do have their own way to diffuse a grave situation.



The room echoed with laughter.

Hai kita ni dok mana? ssssh. Dr Murali dah mari.

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