Wednesday, March 17, 2010



To dream in your sleep is normal. To sleepwalking is normal.But to do your business while your eyes are closed is something abnormal.Especially for a not anak kecil kencing malam lagi.

So apalagi .The bed yang dah fully made up terpaksa lah di makeover. Apakehei Dell ni.

Hari tu baru puji dia bersopan kencing di toilet.

Do animals dream in their sleep? Sometimes I wonder when I saw them tightly curled up in their sleep? Twitching now and then.

I had this queer gift to dream when something sad or bad is going to happen.

Years back ,I dream of people going to a mosque. But then the mosque turned to be a toilet. This dream came every night in my sleep. Well, the dream came true. But not in its literally sense.

Another was when I dreamt that the beads on the bridal gown were coming apart. I saw the beads splattered on the floor . Well this is also true. Only that the beads are still intact but the dreams are shattered.


Jadi semalam Dell mimpi kencing kat toilet kut.

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