Friday, March 26, 2010

A day in KMC

Friday was a day spent in KMC.MIL  had successfully undergone a kidney stone removal procedure this morning. As she was wheeled into the ICU ,we waited along the corridor.

The sight of two boisterous young kids running and screaming bought a few raised eyebrows as no elders were seen restraining them.

Makcik being a former disciplinarian put a no bising sign for the two.

Mak kami sakit. mak kami telan ubat. Sebotol. The young girl blurted out.

Being a kepoci I asked: pasaipa ?

Ayah dengan mak bergaduh!

????? Bergaduh sampai telan ubat satu botol ? I soon came to know the couple when I was permitted to enter the icu room.

In my mind I was having this tarbiah.

Nak .jangan la ambik tindakan macam ni. Tak sayang ka kat anak anak ni. If anything happens to you,your little children will face a hard future.

The couple had 4 children and the youngest being a 10 month old beautiful baby.

Bini cantik,anak anak comel ,husband handsome awatlah gaduh sampai nak ambil nyawa.

I couldnt help but struggle to keep away my tears for the family yang comel ini.

On another note I was perplexed when the sign read:


As for my MIL she’s ok and recuperating.

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