Wednesday, March 31, 2010

miss you


My manly maroon red Kembara. I really miss you.

Its been half a year when my love had been in the care of someone else.

He had been taken to Seri Kembangan , Bangi and Penang and being away had made my life quite a misery.Patah kaki.

It had not been my intention of buying the mpv. But being posted to a village school as a headteacher made me change my plan.I had been driving the Wira . The treacherous road to the school made me squirmed every morning when I had to go to school and every evening when I returned home.

Treacherous ?

Yes, the one lane bund road sits atop an embankment where the river is on your left and the supersize irrigation drain on your right. You have to give way if there’s an approaching car. Masa tu baru la ketaq kepala lutut.And sometimes I  dengan tak malu ketuk pintu orang minta tolong naikkan balik kereta yang dah melencong masuk rumah orang. Geli hati bila ingat balik.

It was then that the idea of buying an mpv like the Kembara came into view.Having a higher view its a commanding vehicle on a road like that. The faithful Kembara served my time in Sekolah Kebangsaan Titi Tok Bandar.


Yang paling di ingati

masa berseliseh dengan orang bawa Jenazah

  my first time bawa kereta sorang sorang.

Ingat jalan lengang!

Daihatsu Charade tunggu tepi  jalan

sampai semua orang dah pulang. Ngok betul!!!

imageimage google.

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