Wednesday, January 13, 2010

They aint heavy

I was asked : why take all the troubles for your children?

My answer was :  will do whatever there is for them until I can do no  more.Yes. Until I can do no more.

Thats what parents are for.

Back in the old days when they were schooling ,they were ferried to and from school.They were accompanied most of the time.Curfew time is 7.00 .I would wait in front of the house until all are safely in.

Still remembering the day when the sick abah and me scouted the fields of our neighborhood and found our boy playing in the torrent rain.His UPSR was just days ahead.

Not once was my child left to return to Kl on her own during her Sri puteri years..Abah would take the same bus back home after making sure that the girl is safely back in her hostel.Meaning travelling the whole day and night!

The boy was sent to the front of the hostel during his weekly return.Travelling to any place that the children were for their trip back every semester was nothing.

I must say that abah was one that did most of the hard work.Never say no to the children when they need anything. Rushing to AS to get the books they need.Ironing the school uniforms.Giving them tuition during their primary years.Attending the PTA meetings and meeting the teachers. Apa yang dia tak buat. children .You are lucky to be having a father like pak Li.

I was asked: Kak tak sebok lagi ka dengan anak anak.

Kak tak ulang alik lagi ka.Sat kat Melaka.Sat kat Pahang.Sat kat KL

My answer : larat lagi buat la.


I was asked: How do you manage to see all your 4 children in uni.

My answer was : Alhamdullilah.We have no wealth to inherit.So every child was given the same treasure.Education.And work hard they must for this. Not excluding abah and mama. Duit jangan kira la.Tak ada nya pinggan  mangkuk pyrex  ke,vision ke ,corelle ke. Pinggan pelastik pun kenyang juga.

Rantai ,gelang subang tok sah dok berangan la.

And most of all the parents should sabarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .

Thats the key:  Sabar and sabar.

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