Sunday, January 24, 2010

of kings and queens

queen_king_top_solsuite.jpg was into novels about kings and queens way back.


Hari ni dapat mengikuti upacara pemakaman the late Sultan of Johor di tv.

Dalam forum banyaklah cerita dan isu dibincangkan .Ada yang baik namun ada banyak yang buruknya.

Sultan Johor yang dikenang adalah seorang yang suka buat protokol kelamkabut.Pernah dalam siaran langsung di tv berlari lari pengiring mengejar sultan yang tak ikut aturcara. Kelakar pun ada masa tu.

Being a Kedahan my early reminiscence of the royalty was the late Sutanah of Kedah. I was lucky enough to be one of the recipient of the school prize winner. It was days we have to practice how to bow and curtsey to the royal highness. How I trembled to the stage and forgot my steps. That was decades ago.

The Kedah Royal pair was among the royalty well loved by the people .I still recall the time when we were at the roadside and the royal highness was passing by.We waved and cheered and the couple waved back.The late Sultanah was forever smiling and her smile was treasured by a little girl back then.

The Perlis royalty are kind and effervescence .My teaching brought me to know the royal family. I was an English teacher to a few of the royalties. I mean the grandchildren. Sometimes the mother would pack food for the whole class if there was  a function.

My meeting with the raja was when I was awarded a pmp . My heart missed a bit when I know I was one of the receiver . We have to be dressed accordingly during the ceremony.Pak Li was nearly blocked out of the hall for having put the wrong shade of sampin.

The whole dewan stood still when one of the recipient lost hold of a shoe when going up the hall.IN FRONT OF THE RAJA! I was behind the unlucky lady and I could notice the anger in the raja’s eyes. Sapa suruh pakai kasut sandal.Mak nya tu tentu terkenang peristiwa tu sampai hari ini.

Lagi satu yang tak dapat dilupa .Baru 2 bulan bergelar puan guru besar ,pemangku and his entourage  were going to visit our school. My first school was a rural school where access was by a bund road. Located in the middle of a village and bordered by a river and canal going to school is a challenge.

Making preparations for the royal visit pushed me to be engaged with the people at jam besar , the protocol ,the ppp , the jkr as well as the villagers.And I must thank my staff who worked hard to make the event a success.

Penat lelah berhempas pulas berbaloi bila the prince was satisfied much to the relief of the jabatan officials.

Tau tak ,dari lubang tandas hingga ke lubang lubang bekas paku atas bumbung walkway got our attentions.

And the next anugerah cemerlang saw me on the stage although I never saw it coming. Much to the disdain of a few senior disgruntled gbs.

Mungkin berkat tampal dengan tisu segala lubang lubang paku di laluan tuanku takut air hujan menimpa tuanku. Daulat tuanku.

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