Tuesday, January 5, 2010

of demon and satan- the neighbours

Back in JPL life was carefree if not for one scheming lady. She was the gossiper, the husband changer and toot toot unlimited.
Mak X was one lady who would  nonchalantly parade thru the neighbourhood clad only in a batik sarong or her 7 th husband’s kain pelikat.
Early in the morning she would make her appearance known in the neighbour’s house with her barrel of gossips.
That daughter of someone is having an affair
That husband of dont know who is going for a second wife.
That someone is having a talk behind your back
Cik Ton tau dak depa dok kata kat Cik Ton
Well the lists was endless.
Mak being a lady of caution would only hym hym hym whatever was told cos she knew one word she breathed would somersault  the whole story .
She was childless and envied other parents .Her jealousy knew no bound when neighbour’s children were successful.
My ba must have angered her or her husband as they had once worked together.It was later known that ba had bypassed her husband for promotion.
And thus begun our dancing with the wolves.
Ba and ma seemed to be at odds with each other.My mak who was as timid as a church mouse was seen as a hyena in my father’s eye.My sis and I were at each other’s throat with all the fury of a demon.Satan seemed to be enjoying our fights,our ferocity.
It was later when we were told by another neighbour that Mak X had confessed to her what she had done to our family.And it was confirmed when a religious teacher had a look at mak and told that someone had planted something in our courtyard.But it was too late to do anything .
So ba and mak had their fights to the last day and I had my difference with my elder sister until maybe I die.Anyway I LOVE YOU  kak.
Mak X passed away recently,being bed ridden for years.Her big and deep scar running across her forehead was all I could remember. May Allah forgive you.

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