Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kerja gila

Crazy do,crazy deeds.

Well its how we spent our days chasing rainbows.

Starting late Tuesday when my boy received a call for an interview in Shah Alam.The whole family was off in my Kembara after making calculations and strategies to Shah Alam at 5.00 in the evening that Wednesday.

Reaching Shah Alam past midnight we booked into Quality Hotel.

The interview was up at 9.00 ,so we had the wake up call at 5.30.

By 7.00 we all ready to make our way to Flexlink .After snatching a mouthful of nasi lemak and a gulp of nescafe ,we decided to take a taxi. Driving there is out of question as we were not familiar with the destination.

Arriving at 8.30 at the factory ,we waited patiently until S came out of the perimeter fence telling us that he could start his intra next week.

Back to the hotel at the cost of Rm 40 for the taxi we pleaded with the coffee house to let us in for our next round of buffet. Dengan muka yang tak malunya kami minta kesian sebab tadi hanya makan sikit sangat. Terimakasih dik yang baik hati.

Back in the hotel we tried to catch up with our sleep.Lunch was forsaken for the pillow.

We were in our car for the next round of strategy.House or room hunting when S received a call from Penang.Another interview!

Do we or dont we ? Yes, S will attend the interview which is on Thursday at 11.00 at Meerkat Technology,Bayan Lepas.

Plans and more plans.

At last the whole family were soon driving to Penang at 5.00 in the morning. A journey of more than 400 km and to reach there before 10.oo.

By 12.00 S was over with the interview but without solid confirmation of a place.

So what next? Back to KL or home?

Should S fly back or take  our Kembara with him?

Lastly we came to the decision that all plan will be made at no.7.

So another 100 more miles to go.When we reached home I was too tired even to blink an eye. But my ears are still in receiver mood.

Abah abang dapat Kilang Gula, aten was heard calling for her father.

What? Kilang Gula ? Alhamdullilah.Its just a few km from home.

See ?

Journey …. app 1500 km

Time   …….. 3 days

Expenditure…. RM 1000 for tyres and service

                                RM 200 for rooms

                                RM 200 for gas

                                RM 150 for toll

                                RM 200 for food

                                RM 50 for burnt KL bus ticket for S

                                RM xxx for tit tats

Last last kilang gula. Betul betul kerja gila.


image3 days of living on wheels

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