Tuesday, January 19, 2010

its really madenning


The plan being finalised.S made his mind to accept the meerkat offer. So as parents , what else should we do?

To be against might bring repercussion in the future.As always we are at our children’s wishes.

So begin another journey to the land of jeruk pala one Saturday afternoon.

Finding a lodging for S for the duration of his intra brought us to bayan Lepas where a room was secured near the airport.

After finalising what we need to do,we made our journey back home .

So back to the square one. There’s one lonely lady all alone at one lonely home.

Hope the final choice is one good choice.

Ewah macam dok pilih menantu pulak!

Takut pilih,punya pilih dapat yang dah serpih.

Tak guna lagi nak sedih

walau pedih

Yang dipilih ,di tapih rupanya hampih.


So to my dearest

do all your best

as the choice is the best among the rest. Insya allah


Loving you always,from no.7

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