Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gila…..kerja gila,kerja gila gila and gila kerja


Literally meaning mad ,taking risk , doing something unimaginable and lastly hard working in that sense.

The whole of Malaysia and the whole wide world was gripped with the tragic news that happened last week.The news of the grandson killing his grandparents ,sister and beheading his father was something out of a horror movie.

It happened in Gemencheh,N9 ,before he fled with his father’s severed head on his bike to the bus stand.How he got to SA to bury his father’s head at section 21 muslim cemetery was astounding.

Thankfully he was arrested at an LRt station in Kuala Lumpur.

Reading Cariforum,one got to realise what had triggered to make this once top of the class student ,a prefect and a university grad to be driven to this horrifying act.

He was one person who keeps to himself.High expectation was all that he got from those he loved.When he dropped out of UTM he might be the subject of ridicule.

Being VSS from his Affin Banks work and having failed in his business venture was another sad episode .Lastly he landed himself as a restaurant helper.

BUT woes have not ended. His failed engagement for the second time was what I think must be his driving point.It was said that he had enticed his latest ex to Gemencheh on the pretext that his family had met with an accident and they had all died!

I had seen orang setengah gila and orang betul betul gila.I had seen totally naked mad man.Yuck .I had seen people ,mengasah parang and threatening to burn their house when met with challenges.

But I cannot understand or less  forget what I heard .Pak cik saya ada tiga lagi.Said by a future son in law to his soon to be father in law.Gila ka pa ?

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