Sunday, January 24, 2010

from zero to hero

Tessie Lim estranged wife of LKW founder GET A LIFE column never fails to entice me to read. So come Sunday, the Sunday Times would be made available and this particular page would be filed.

In my office as the gb of a school having to chair meetings would be one mundane task.Thus having excerpts from famous writers  would sometimes help to entangle and diffuse tricky and stuffy situations.

Once I notice a rift among the members and certain quarters are  are not returning their maximum share towards the establishment.

So THE PATHs LEAST TRAVELLED IN THE WORKPLACE came into the meeting board.

Before distributing workloads at the beginning of the year I  had the staff over this article  - OVERCOMING SELF BETRAYAL AT WORK.

Well,I did not know the impact it had on my staff. But this is as much as I can say.

Some of my near  zero performers were transformed into heroes when they were given the right guidance and assessment.I left them with a heavy heart. Selamat berjaya SKS.ALthough I least travelled to my last school ,the staff were as dear and close to my heart.Not seeing is not forgetting.

Kak  .2006-2008

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