Monday, January 25, 2010

Dell ,big brother dell

Dell . That tommy cat could be one year old by now. Its slender body is soft to hold. The eyes look solemnly back in your eyes.The grrrrrrrrrr sound is still there when he finds our taunts a tad irritating .

This few days Dell seemed a little bit docile. There’s none of the hide and seek or the metre jump in the air.

Deeelllll makan .I hollered He is still in the same spot . Refusing to budge.

Hey what’s the matter man?

Cik rindu la. Kak Aten balik la.

Suddenly,he sprang to his feet.

Mak nak susu. Mak nak susuuuuuu.

I had this little laugh anytime I saw Jade giving her no no sign to poor big brother - The kung fu kick. ha ha.

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