Thursday, December 17, 2009

time flies


Time flies.Time flies.Yes,and I beg to elaborate.

It doesnt fly on wings but on supersonic jet engine.

It was as if yesterday that I held all my babies in my arms.Singing lullabies for them  to sleep and coaxing them to eat.

The shrill cries of the newborn baby next door brought memories of my struggles to bring them up.

Without assistance from the grandparents I had to juggle between work and home.Sleepless nights were the order of the day.Once I fell asleep upright with the baby on my outstretched legs. I’ve been consoling her for hours .She had  fever.

There were times when every married daughter in my and cik ley’s  family would have babies at the same time.So we could have 5 babies born back to back.The baby boom was in 1983.

Now the house is in silence.

Maybe this is what I wanted.

So what have I to complain.

I can now write as much as I want

I can now read,

watch tv as much as I wanted

But I couldn’t talk as much as I had!!

Poor me.

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