Wednesday, December 16, 2009

near misses- pak chad ketipang payung

During my growing years,there was this not so young man who reigned terror among the children. The sight of him in a pelikat holding a paper umbrella could be seen around Kulim town.Once in a while he would chase children just for the fun of it.

It was on our journey home from school when our bunch of comrades bumped into pak chad.We acted innocently when he passed us by.

When we thought we were a safe distance from him ,we  broke into a song.

Pak Chad ketipang payung

Pak Chad ala payung


Apalagi pak chad yang sedia gila tu bertambahlah gila.Dengan payung ditangan kain disenteng bertempiaran lari budak budak nakal tu dihambatnya..

I was pale and breathless when I reached home.Taubat tak buat lagi.

Once he made his way into SSB causing chaos in the school.I was minding the school library when he made his appearance.Apalagi cepat2 tutup pintu.Masa tu dia marah anak melayu pakai skirt.And I was one of them.

I came to know that pak chad was related to one of our famous actor.Kesian kan.


orang gila belum tentu gila ...   orang-gila-71.jpgni bukan pak chad

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