Wednesday, December 16, 2009

near misses – my gulps of water

The tempayan affair occured when the family was in JPL.Piped water was unheard of in those days.So the villagers had to rely on well bored out of the ground.Sometimes during draught season we had to travel to the foots of the hills where water could still be tapped.Imagine carrying pails of water nearly a kilometre away from home.

The tempayan or the huge earthern pot was used to store water.I think I might be less of a kindergarten kid.I was all by myself in the bathroom.Reaching for the water in the pot ,I stumbled head on into the water. I might have gulps of water when a hand fished me out. Luckily my cries for help was heard by a neighbour.

Imagine if he was late for a few minutes.! Jadi ikan jerung or ikan duyung lah makcik.

Still remembered the carefree time we had bathing in the parit hell until mother reached for a branch.Mana tak kena tibai,ayak parit buat mandi.I think all my comrades on that day got a beating from their mothers.ha ha.

Being children from that era and living in a village,we were not afraid to go into the drains to catch ikan laga or is it ikan karin.Cari pucuk maidin ,biji saga,kayu api were parts of our adventure.It was such a carefree life.The rubber plantation and the tunku’s orchard were our playground.

Yes,we were a bunch of naughty children out to have our own rendezvous.

... Pilih-pilih Pot dan Tempayan           STORAGE JAR — MESDA

the tempayans

quiz: which one do you think is the tempayan in question?

parit hell …….. drains by the health authority

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