Wednesday, December 16, 2009

near misses – losing your footing

Had you ever experienced near fatal misses.Could never forget that one incident in the 70’s when while crossing Penang Road I wobbled and was nearly thrown out of my balance.Had I fall I would have landed into the fast flowing traffic.

As quick as lightning my dear friend , grabbed hold of my arm to steady me. Her quick action saved me from a catastrophe.

Again when I was taking a shortcut in one of the Education Ministry in Kuala Lumpur. We were going down a hill slope when I lost my control.Bruuuuum . Screeeechhh

I nearly tumbled over.If not for the quick action of my friend I would have landed on the road below.Mr. X of the Kangar Vocational School quickly grabbed me before I tumbled further.Sir, I have forgotten your name but your deeds would be forever etched in my memory. Thank you.

Well I had gone down to Kl from Perlis to rectify a lost file problem in my langkah kecekapan.Being posted from Tanjong Malim I found that I could not be considered for the next increment.My dear school clerk, Mr Gan did all the relevant papers that needed to be submitted quickly to the ministry. As Mr. X was going there,he asked me to tag along.(Thanks to my supervisor who helped me in my leave without the gb knowing.Cikgu ,love you for that)

We met the officials and the lost file was recovered.For the first time I saw files upon files and mine was nearly at the bottom.

It was still hours to our return journey on the bus.So to pass the time we decided to catch a movie.Hey,do you know what the movie was about. It wasnt English nor Malay.But one chong chey kungfu made in Hong Kong movie. Being dead tired from the journey,I slept throughout the movie oblivious to my one day Chinese bf. Entah entah mengeghoh apa.hehe.

Dan itulah kali pertama dan terakhir aku menonton wayang dgn seorang jejaka china berbaju kurung.Pak Li jgn jeles!

Kung Fu Mahjong (Chinese ... ni kut movie yang aku tengok mode shut down all the way.

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