Wednesday, December 2, 2009

mok ooi

Last night there was chaos on top of the ceiling.Iwas too tired to check so I let it be.


Bang bang bong



Hoi diamla!

I didnt know when I drifted into sleep.

Waking up,I dragged a ladder and climbed up to see what was all the din.

Well,well Mok was at it again.

Cornering a tabby cat were Mok and another furry grey.

They could climb down but the tall wall imprisoned the three of them.

So the thumppp,thumpp and the thuddd ,thud,thud

I coaxed them with a can of sardine to make them come down.

But being a penakut yang amat the fat sissy mok just mewed and looked sorry.

Hey come down

Cek takut.


Indicating to the ladder,I hollered to him.Gingerly,he put one leg on the ladder.

Camana kalau cek jatuh .Meeeeow

I placed a small chair on top of the ladder and stood back.

Mok finally overcame his fright and with a heavy thud landed on the floor.

Next the grey furry neighbour’s cat followed suit.


The cute looking tabby cat is still holed up in the ceiling.Coiling herself in the far corner of the ceiling ,she made her self unreachable .

Sorry for you dear.You got to find your way down.

So I left the ladder still standing in the bedroom.

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  1. hahahaha! mok pondan.dpt makanan laju ja dia. :P