Thursday, December 3, 2009

jade uncompromised

There are times when I noticed Jade losing her cool.Not only she had to provide for Caq and Ciq,her milk is also shared by a little discarded throwaway kitten .

Big grownup Dell is also at her teats.She must have suffered to have her milk sucked by a grownup son.It was distressing sight to see her teats being dragged and pulled.

Dell knows that Jade was not too happy to have her teats for him.So he crept silently beside his mother pretending to be asleep.When Jade wasnt noticing,slowly he puts his mouth for a drink.

Seeing a young grown up cat still at his mother’s milk is a sight to behold.

Hey Dell,kesian kat adik.Habis susu mami nanti.

Sometimes when he is too rough and Jade could not stand it any further,Dell got a lesson.

Jade would give him one of her flying kicks.

Rasa kau Dell.

Sometimes I too feel that I’m that Jade.Tired ,angry and uncompromising!

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