Tuesday, November 24, 2009

we want warrrr

Didnt I say that the 2 darn kittens have a set of mind of their own.

Cik Ley found it the hard way this morning.

Opening the front door of the house he was greeted by that awful stench and grossly find.

Sapa punya kerja niii!!!!

There on the porch were the two kittens and their pee and poos.

He cleaned after them.

Having shoooed them away,Mr ley was just starting to reverse the car when he noticed them .

Hey get off .You wannna die?.

The two little misfits had lodged themselves in the engine.As he could not reach them,dear Mr ley threw some water on them.

The two ran helter skelter to the road and started to roll on the tarmac.

Ye ye . Kami tak takut.

Kami tak basah. Kami wonderpets.

Cik Ley let them be and made his way to work.


What did he see when he get back?

two little kittens

sitting on the floor

here is our pee

and there is our poo!!!

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  1. chaq and chiq were no longer here but their memories stayed.