Thursday, November 19, 2009

upsr result - out


upsr result is out today while spm is in progress come rain or shine.

Congrats to schools  that do well .Parents,trs pupils even the caretaker would be grinning from ear to ear.

while schools with result much to be desired are anticipating the wrath of the education department.

There will be much hype which school outdo which school and which school are just lucky to have the good result.

Then came the jargon: Bubuh cikgu kayu pun sekolah tu dapat result melangit or

bawa la cikgu dari langit ,budak budak tu macam tu la juga.

kesian kan being a cikgu.

But through my teaching years I was lucky(?) to have been in schools that results are the envy of other schools.

Anyway,congrat to sena ,my nieces and nephews who have straight As but for those who dont please dont despair.


happy ex tr.and auntie.

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