Wednesday, November 18, 2009

tell me stories


Teaching english is lots of does the line goes.

I was or maybe remembered when I die as a tr.who likes to tell stories.

Aad or azhar the singer once was a pupil who i tutored.and I remembered that he would be afraid to walk home after the story telling session.

To make my class  disciplined and good I bribed them with stories. then every friday afternoon the class would gather around me under a tree all eager and ready for their story telling .The audience soon grew bigger and bigger once the lower classes were over.well those students were the pupils of sk utan aji back then in 84/85.

They had stories like how the frogs got their croaks which ended with a quiz:

If you were given an extra eye where do you want it to be?

Stories like the boy with a long nose kept the pupils imigination wild.

We acted,we dramatised,play hand puppets which i taught them how to sew.Songs and dances(tho i do not know dancing)were fun.

grammar was a breeze when taught the crazy way. Soon my pupils would be talking tamil to memorise the grammar rules. AIYUWEDEY should make my pupils know how to use I,You ,WE and THEY grammatically correct with their tenses.

how I missed my teaching English.

Oh how my pupils huffed and puffed from the table ,to the chairs then the floor in our class of the wind and the sun.IT was so much fun.For days I am the winner echoed through the corridors of sk stella maris.

How i watched in awe when our mural project ,grew and grew out of the pupils imagination with not a single student missed out.Our village soon materialised the length of 4 noticeboards.

I do not know what impression i had made to my students.Am I fun or that garang teacher who i hate as hell. But to be told that he still remembered his girl enthusiasm in learning english by a parent was sufficient enough.

So to my girls who aspire to be English teachers

be funny,sing and dance ,

and your live will sing and dance all the way.


happy mama

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  1. happy mama is too lazy to correct the capitals and the grammar mistakes in this posting. Let it be.