Monday, November 23, 2009

me not stupid

I have these being called housecats under my care.Previously I disliked them,shoo them away if they ever cross my path.

When my girls bought a strayIkitten homeI,I didnt shoo it away.For the fact is,I’m head over heels fallen in love with it.Thus the beginning of our love affairs with these 4 legged beings.

We had nen,che ah,mammy and her brood,toi,bu,tam,ning ,dell and the latest Caq and Ciq.

And the inseparable pair of half blind Jade and her bf mok.I think they have married.

Watching them and their antics I came to the conclusion that they are brainy creatures sometimes more than us human!

Caq is no more than a kitten. She is still sucking.But she she’s a brainy one.She might have made her mind that her palce is in the house.Not that cold backyard.She did it with all her might.When I shooed her to the back ,in no time she would be at the front door.The journey from the back to the front will take her thru 3 houses,bushes ,drains,pagar.It could be wet if it rains.What true grit!

She was already in by the hole in the netting.She squeezed and did acrobatic manoeuvres to be able to be in.She realised that madam was watching,I bade her to come nearer to me.She stopped short,eyes all intent.Then all of a sudden she darted and make herself lost under the table.As if “haha i no fool,you gonna take me out”.

I enticed her with food.She was adamant.No no madam.Me no just wanna sleep and poo in the house.

Gripping her by her body,I gave her jentiks on her ears.I let her out of the backdoor saying,

Jangan masuk lagi.Mama tampaq nanti.Mau dak?

well no sooner than that I could hear her eowing at the front door.

Well there’s one persistent keteghaq little kitten

Hey Jade go teach your baby!

amused mama

jadeandell is currently having her lupe session.

what arrr pagar and jentik in english.Phew;/.


  1. mama insun, allow me (if i could be any help)
    fence/s and i rite master mama? hehe

  2. thanks moi.
    you very right.
    Had referred to the RD Word Power.