Thursday, November 19, 2009

loving reading

I love reading since i started my abc.

Reading was taken as a passion since I couldnt pursue any others like my other well rounded friends and siblings.

I tried dancing,i had 2 left legs

I tried singing,my pitch kelaut.

I tried swimming I sikit lagi nak maut…….

From the humble should be thrown away gula,kopi as well as belacan wrapper i graduated to reading more complex stories of devils advocate,gone with the wind,the mohicans etc etc at an early age.

It think its a sort of escapism. But I realised that we do learn more when we read. If I want to learn how to crochet,makrame,tatting or knitting i would go for books rather than learning from somebody.

This year raya curtain was sewn after i browsed the internet.So I learned the trick of making box pleat valances which i had failed so many times before.

When i find that i was at loose ends when faced with difficult situation,i turned to books and columns.

You dont have to shower me with chocolates as they might make my teeth rot.Nor do you waste your money on flowers as they go busuk the next day.I am thrifty you know.But give me books on dummies,DIY,Working Wonders I will peluk cium and sayang you.

No lovey dopey mopey akashad ahadiat novels please cos I surpassed those with mill and boons during my dopey do dopey dee days.

Cant wait to go to Chowrasta with olin.Moi nak ikut tak?


  1. errata
    should read as lost ends not betul tak .

  2. hahahha moi sama naik dgn mama.she definitely goin!!!!

  3. mau cikgu mama, moi mau pi ...wah syiok dok berejam jam dan jam lagi kesana ...hehe