Saturday, November 21, 2009

life lesson


  • its through the integrity of our choices that we create the life we long for.
  • we have a responsibility to stand up for what we believe is right,no matter how uncomfortable it feels.
  • i’d rather risk looking like an idiot than feel like one for being too intimidated to stand up for me or mine.
  • we are called  to love and protect our children with everything we have, but we are also called to leave them in His hands.


dear izzy

angry mum marah aten for not getting me that book.

sorry na ,aunty cilok .jgn mare.


imagesesp for izzy


  1. hihi! thnx!!
    *so happy for the heart*

    i should buy u one if i know u like these kind of books. ;)

  2. thanks dearie izzy.
    aten bawa balik corelle
    Should be corelle ,perfume,books ,etc etc
    tu yang auntie merajuk.